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I offer workshops which include an experiential and safe space, guidance and tools for you to gently uncover parts of yourself and see where you can expand into an authentic, joyful and free-er way of being.


Chris, Netherlands

“In a Wheel of Consent weekend workshop I was able to experience where my limits actually were.  I used to think that my 'yes' should remain a 'yes'. I discovered through this method that by attuning with each other in complete safety and the possibility that I can stop the exercise at any time. That it’s in my control. During the exercises I noticed that I experienced a touch less intensely than my mind had initially thought.”

Johannes, Germany

“Nynke's way of teaching is gentle, profound and yet there is also room to have fun and laugh with her.” 

It is about:

  • bringing clarity and joy in giving and receiving

  • clear communication

  • authentic relating

  • empowerment

  • growing in self love


Through simple exercises with and without touch you get to connect to what you need, what you desire and what you don't like, where your limits are and practice communicating clearly and openly about it to the other person. For example, you can ask someone to do something for you or to do something for someone else for your own pleasure.


That can be super challenging and vulnerable! You may feel shame for expressing your desires, guilt for receiving something, or fear of being rejected. I offer you the tools to make agreements with the other about who it is for and what the intention of the interaction is so that a deeper relaxation in giving and receiving can occur.


We experiment and play with touch because hands are very suitable for taking in information and experiencing what is pleasurable due to the many nerve endings. Touching or being touched is always a choice, choosing what feels good for yourself is more important than the action. You only do what you are willing to do for the other person or what you want yourself.


What you take away from a workshop: a greater clarity in what you want and don’t want, a sense of greater safety that comes from within, tools for deeper and authentic connection with yourself and others, feeling connected with yourself and inspired to live more aligned and honest. 


It is based on and inspired by the “Wheel of Consent”, a powerful and enlightening method developed by Dr. Betty Martin. I offer this experiential workshop since 2017 and trained with Dr Betty Martin:

Workshops are offered at different locations in Europe & Turkey in Dutch and English depending on the location. 


Check out my upcoming workshops.

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