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One-on-One Sessions

I offer guidance, tools and (somatic) practices that bring insight, new imprints and experiences. The space is for you to look deeper into and transform limiting patterns to come into more authenticity, joy and ease in life. 

Work with me when you desire to:

  • improve your relationships through more clarity, honesty and vulnerability (with your intimate partner, family members, friends and colleagues)

  • feel empowered and grow in self responsibility and self love

  • live your life in greater autonomy 

  • pursue on your dreams and ambitions and navigate your next steps on your journey


Welcome all parts of you. Allow for unseen and vulnerable parts to come up to be seen, held and integrated. 

I offer sessions in-person and via Zoom.  

Filiz Telek, Turkey

“Nynke is a space holder with great presence and attention; she holds truth as the compass and helps me deeply listen and align to my core inquiry in life. In her presence, I connect to a larger presence and purpose and engage with meaningful questions that guide me to embrace more of me, more of life.”

Puja, Netherlands

“Purity, clarity, piercing loving truth, depth, care, sharpness, lightness, knowledge, humor, attunement, a wild heart and refined spirit to keep going deeper, with patience and determination. All that Nynke brings in her work.”

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