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Who is Nynke

I am a woman, pioneer, nomad, truth lover, in service of creative and passionate living. In the forty years I am here on precious mother earth,

I can see a thread of living life following my inspiration and an inner calling to find meaning and how to be in service of life. 

My Story

I grew up in a small village in the Frisian countryside. At the age of 18 I left my family home to start my education in fashion management and business. Since then I have lived in many places in the Netherlands and abroad for study, work and adventures. I grew a capacity to be flexible to move following my heart's voice and wherever I am to make a home, find something meaningful to do and be in community.  


After completing my studies an entrepreneurial journey followed. I have been involved in different pioneering and innovative ventures which led me to understand that changing the system really starts with me. I should walk the talk. Working hard and passionately, I was not aware how much I was disconnected from my body until around my 30’s when health issues in my pelvis started to ask for my attention. And I knew, my body had something important to tell me. It marks a turning point, with curiosity I started the journey into my wise body. 


It led me on the path of healing and embodiment. I have gone through ten years of training and coaching in the field of intimacy, sexuality, trauma release and plant medicine which all greatly supported my healing journey. It ignited in me a deep longing to get to know myself and embody more and more the woman I am. I continue to peel away layers of conditioning, listen to the voice of my body, and practice with devotion. It’s a journey towards maturity and becoming unshakable, abundant, joyful and free.


The treasures of tools and practices that served me so well, I now share with others in the spaces that I hold for healing, self-exploration and empowerment. 

Training and education in the field of embodiment and sexual healing: 

I continuously focus on deepening my personal practice and knowledge as I am dedicated to share my gifts from an experienced and embodied place. I have a daily practice consisting of tantric practices, Wim Hof breathing, Yin yoga and a nature walk. I receive coaching and mentoring on a regular basis. 

Acknowledgment & Gratitude

I would like to express my gratitude to friends, guides and teachers for their loving support on my journey:

Susanne Roursgaard, Adam Beker, Tatjana Alexander, Hamed Janaqa, Betty Martin, Filiz Telek, Iva Samina,

Matt Schwenteck, Hülya Erbeyli, Gilbert de Nijs, Lorenzo Sternquist.

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